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The non-legal professional or non-legal professional service firm may not play a role in, for example, the decision whether to accept or terminate an engagement to provide legal services in a particular matter or to a particular client, determining the manner in which lawyers are hired or trained, the assignment of lawyers to handle particular matters or to provide legal services to particular clients, decisions relating to the undertaking of pro bono publico and other public-interest legal work, financial and budgetary decisions relating to the legal practice, and determining the compensation and advancement of lawyers and of persons assisting lawyers on legal matters. The Borene Law Firm, with highly experienced immigration attorneys and staff, provides for you world-wide professional legal service for selected business and individual clients for all types of immigration and visa-related matters, including green cards and work visas. At Fischler & Friedman, P.A., each of our attorneys has more than a quarter century of experience and expertise providing personal, hands-on service to address even the most complex legal issues, including family and divorce law, business law and estate planning matters. Our firm has attorneys skilled in all aspects of real estate, business law, wills, trusts and estate planning and family law, as well as a litigation practice with highly experienced lawyers with a proven track record of success in personal injury and criminal defense, DUI and all traffic offenses.

Our Sioux City law office offers an experienced team of trial attorneys and legal staff for matters including all types of personal injuries, car accidents, workers’ compensation, divorce, wills, probate, real estate transactions, business formation, and employment issues. 2. A professional announcement card stating new or changed associations or addresses, change of firm name, or similar matters pertaining to the professional offices of a lawyer or law firm or any non-legal business conducted by the lawyer or law firm pursuant to section DR 1-106 1200.5-b. Such financial arrangements, in the context of an agreement between lawyers and other professionals to provide legal and other professional services on a systematic and continuing basis, are permitted subject to the requirements of DR 2-103(B)(1) and DR 1-107(D) Similarly, lawyers participating in such arrangements remain subject to general ethical principles in addition to those set forth in DR 1-107 including, at a minimum, DR 2-102(B) , DR 5-105(A) , DR 5-105(B) , DR 5-107(B) , DR 5-107(C) , and DR 5-108(A) Thus, the lawyer or law firm may not, for example, include in its firm name the name of the non-legal professional service firm or any individual non-legal professional, or enter into formal partnerships with non-lawyers, or practice in an organization authorized to practice law for a profit in which non-lawyers own any interest.

As advisors, lawyers counsel their clients about their legal rights and obligations and suggest courses of action in business and personal matters. At Fischler & Friedman, P.A., our attorneys bring more than 75 years of combined experience and expertise for clients who need representation in family law, business law and estate planning matters. Clients and lawyers should not be penalized by undue geographical restraints upon representation in legal matters, and the bar should address itself to improvements in licensing, reciprocity, and admission procedures consistent with the needs of modern commerce.

While a lawyer must act always with circumspection in order that the lawyer’s conduct will not adversely affect the rights of a client in a matter the lawyer is then handling, the lawyer may take positions on public issues and espouse legal reforms favored by the lawyer without regard to the individual views of any client. In furtherance of the public interest, the legal profession should discourage regulation that unreasonably imposes territorial limitations upon the right of a lawyer to handle the legal affairs of a client or upon the opportunity of a client to obtain the services of a lawyer of the client’s choice in all matters including the presentation of a contested matter in a tribunal before which the lawyer is not permanently admitted to practice. 1. A lawyer or law firm may refer clients to a non-legal professional or non-legal professional service firm pursuant to a contractual relationship with such non-legal professional or non-legal professional service firm to provide legal and other professional services on a systematic and continuing basis as permitted by DR 1-107 , provided however that such referral shall not otherwise include any monetary or other tangible consideration or reward for such, or the sharing of legal fees; or.

1. legal and non-legal education, degrees and other scholastic distinctions, dates of admission to any bar; areas of the law in which the lawyer or law firm practices, as authorized by this Part; public offices and teaching positions held; publications of law related matters authored by the lawyer; memberships in bar associations or other professional societies or organizations, including offices and committee assignments therein; foreign language fluency; and bona fide professional ratings; Contribution to a candidate for government office, government official, political campaign committee or political party is or has been made for the purpose of obtaining or being considered eligible to obtain a government legal engagement, the factors to be considered include (a) whether legal work awarded to the contributor or solicitor, if any, was awarded pursuant to a process that was insulated from political influence, such as a Request for Proposal” process, (b) the amount of the contribution or the contributions resulting from a solicitation, (c) whether the contributor or any law firm with which the lawyer is associated has sought or plans to seek government legal work from the official or candidate, (d) whether the contribution or solicitation was made because of an existing personal, family or non-client professional relationship with the government official or candidate, (e) whether prior to the contribution or solicitation in question, the contributor or solicitor had made comparable contributions or had engaged in comparable solicitations on behalf of governmental officials or candidates for public office for which the lawyer or any law firm with which the lawyer is associated did not perform or seek to perform legal work, (f) whether the contributor has made a contribution to the government official’s or candidate’s opponent(s) during the same campaign period and, if so, the amounts thereof and (g) whether the contributor is eligible to vote in the jurisdiction of the governmental official or candidate, and if not, whether other factors indicate that the contribution or solicitation was nonetheless made to further a genuinely held political, social or economic belief or interest rather than to obtain a legal engagement.

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